Climate Resilience to Farmers

Through tech-driven farming solutions for farmers and innovative solutions to insurance partners, reducing the insurance protection gap in South Asia

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Insured Farmers
1.44 M
(USD) Sum-Insured
57 K
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Our Projects

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    Digital Climate Risk Insurance: Orange & Potato

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    Climate Smart Agriculture: Wheat, Maize & Rice

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    Digital Insurance: Rice & Wheat

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    Satellite-based Agriculture Decision: Rice & Wheat

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    Satellite & Weather Analytics for Data Driven Extension: Rice

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    Maize: Satellite-based Risk Assessment: Maize

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Our Partners

Our Partners


I am Ramesh Tiwari from Satpatti, Susta-2, Nawalparasi. I farm rice and deal with too much rain or not enough, and pests. Then I got to know about PlantSat Digital Insurance. With my phone, I could insure my crops easily. I send updates and get help. When trouble came, they sorted my insurance fast. It is good to see such help for farmers like me.

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Ramesh TiwariFarmer

I am Bina Pandey from Nawalparasi. PlantSat Digital Insurance has really changed how I farm. It protects my crops from things like drought, too much rain, and bugs. Using my phone to manage my insurance is easy, and getting advice from experts helps a lot. If there's a problem, I get my insurance money fast and find the safest thing for farmers.

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Bina PandeyFarmer

As an established insurance company, venturing into the digital realm with PlantSat's young and energetic team has been a transformative experience. Collaborating with PlantSat for the first time to digitize crop and livestock insurance has opened our eyes to the power of innovation in our field. The passion and dedication that this team brings to the table are contagious.