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I am Bina Pandey, a farmer from Nawalparasi, and in the journey of Digital Insurance PlantSat has transformed my farming journey. It shields me from uncertainties like drought, heavy rainfall, and pests. Managing insurance on my smartphone is a welcome convenience, and sharing farm updates brings valuable insights and guidance from dedicated experts. When crises arise, the swift processing and delivery of my insurance claim provide significant relief. This firsthand experience vividly demonstrates how technology empowers farmers like me, ensuring the security of our livelihoods in an ever-changing agricultural landscape.

Bina Pandey

Farmer: Satpatti, Susta-2, Nawalparasi

I am Bishnu, a dedicated farmer from Satpatti, Susta-2, Nawalparasi. I insured my rice plantation for the first time using PlantSat Krishi Beema, embarking on an incredible journey. Despite challenges like drought, heavy rain, pests, and disease, the app support proved that digital innovations empower farmers. With newfound confidence, I inspire fellow farmers to embrace digital crop insurance for a sustainable future.

Bishnu Pandey

Farmer: Satpatti, Susta-2, Nawalparasi

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PlantSat team is receptive, agile and is formed of people who are quite knowledgeable about satellite precision agriculture.We have been collaborating on exciting projects related to satellite data integration at ListenField. We share the common objective of creating efficient and sustainable farming for all.

Dr. Rassarin Chinnachodteeranun

CEO at Listenfield

I have always known Mr. Suman Ghimire as a young, energetic, and ambitious individual who was passionate about solving problems in Agriculture. That is how our paths collided. I was his advisor during his MSc program in Precision Agriculture (2016-18). Currently, we have partnered with his company Seed Innovations Pvt. Ltd on solving the problems in crop insurance using satellite imagery in Thailand.

Dr.Teerayut Horanont

Asst. Professor, Thammasat University

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